Download WorldWeather v1.11 (543 KB) - updated 10/14/04

If you are having trouble downloading the newest version of the WorldWeather extension, check back in a few hours. Sometimes the mozdev download mirrors take a few hours host new downloads.

Also, please note that the download size is due to the mandatory® 'current conditions' icons.

When you first install WorldWeather you will be presented with the options screen. In order to receive weather updates, you will need to enter your U.S. zipcode or international® location id. In order to find your location id, click the 'Search For Location Code' button near the top of the options window. From here you will be able to search by zipcode, city, city & state, or city & country.

Once you've set your location, look through the rest of the options. Due to® restrictions, you may update your weather AT MOST every 30 minutes. You then select either standard (U.S.) or metric units and the size of the weather icon you'd like displayed.

Click 'OK' and your weather should be displayed at the bottom left of the Thunderbird window!

Download WorldWeather v1.1 (543 KB) - updated 10/11/04

Download WorldWeather v1.01 (1.55 MB)

Download WorldWeather v1.0 (1.55 MB)

The worldweather project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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